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For cycling the 2012 Altura clothing range is probably the largest available and it is also stocked by plenty of retailers, which means that there are regular sales and discounts throughout the year. Clearance sales peak during the changeovers between the seasons as the shops make space for the next lot of stock. Currently we are in the spell when new 2012 spring and summer Altura cycling clothing is arriving and winter items from 2011 are being discounted.

There are 629 discounted clothes here from Altura with an average reduction of 29% and the largest saving is £70 for the Varium Waterproof Jacket Red available from LeisureLakesBikes. The largest percentage discounts are around the 75% mark for example including the Altura Peloton Womens Team Jersey BLACK/DYNAMIC BLUE available from Cycle Surgery. You'll find a range from the Altura Children`s Sprint Short Sleeve Jersey 2017 at £5.99 saving around £7, all the way up to the Podium Elite Shield Bib Tight at £121.49, saving about £14.

The number of discounts for the different categories of Altura clothing is as follows:
Base Layers: 76, Bib Shorts: 76, Gilets: 76, Gloves: 76, Jackets: 76, Jerseys: 76, Nightvision: 76, Shorts: 76, Tights: 76, Waterproofs: 76, Windproofs: 76,

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We've highlighted some popular purchases and the current discounts below:

Altura Jackets

Altura Jackets Show all discounts (25)

Prices for Altura Jackets range from around £20 for something like the Altura Ladies Scirroco Jacket to around £140 for garments like the Altura Ergofit Windproof Jacket 2012 at the top end of the range.

We've found discounts on 25 garments, with an average 44% saving. The largest reduction is £0.00 for the from and the top percentage discount is 63% for the Altura Womens Night Vision Evo Jacket Mid Pink at Cycle Surgery.

Some of the technologies used in Altura jackets include "React", which is a group of waterproof, windproof and breathable textiles, designed to transfer sweat from inside the jacket outside. Also Altura have designed a highly durable and waterproof polyester fabric for use in jackets called "Duratec".

Cheapest Altura Jackets discounts - (25 total)

Altura Womens Night Vision Evo Jacket Mid Pink - Sale price
63% Off
Altura Transformer Windproof Jacket 2014 Black/White - Sale price
61% Off
Altura Peloton Transformer Windproof Jacket Red/Black - Sale price
60% Off
Altura Womens Synergy Windproof Jacket Blue - Sale price
59% Off
Altura Womens Microlite Jacket Red - Sale price
59% Off

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Altura Tights

Altura Tights Show all discounts (93)

Prices for Altura Tights are in the approximate range £15 - 90; so at the budget level you can find something like the Altura Kids Winter Cruiser Unpadded Tights and towards the top of the range you can buy the Altura Ergofit Windproof Bib Tight With Insert 201.

There are discounts available for 93 Altura Tights, with the largest reduction being % off the . This is available from at a price of £0.00, saving £38.99. and the top percentage discount is 59% for the Altura Womens Pro Gel Waisted Tights Black at Cycle Surgery.

Featured in many of the Altura tights will be their stretch materials such as "Roubaix", which is a knitted Lycra fabric with a brushed inner surface for better insulation properties. This is often used with Spandex and "Dura-Plus" in the obvious areas that require resilience to high wear and friction, for instance in Altura bib tights.

Best Altura Tights discounts - (93 total)

Altura Airstream II Womens 3/4 Tights Black - Sale price
10% Off
Altura Children's Cruiser Waist Tights Black - Sale price
40% Off
Altura Cruiser Childrens Tights Black - Sale price
10% Off
Altura Cruiser Cycling Waist Tights 2017 - Sale price
25% Off
Altura Cruiser Tights Black - Sale price
10% Off

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Altura Jerseys

Altura Jerseys Show all discounts (194)

The range of prices for Altura Jersey Sales Discounts is from around £10 to £90. So for instance you can buy the Altura Mayhem Bamboo Abstract Short Sleeved Jersey at the budget level, while products like the Altura Transformer Jersey feature at the top.

There are 194 Altura Jerseys currently available at discount prices, with the top saving giving % off the at reducing the price by £57.99. and the top percentage discount is 75% for the Altura Altura Peloton Womens Team Jersey BLACK/DYNAMIC BLUE at Cycle Surgery.

As you might expect there are a range of special materials used in Altura jerseys to increase comfort. In particular, a high-tech fabric called "Thermocool" is often incorporated for its temperature stabilising and advanced wicking properties. Coolmax is also common, often used with Merino which is very comfortable next to the skin.

Best Altura Jerseys discounts - (194 total)

Altura Altura Peloton Womens Team Jersey BLACK/DYNAMIC BLUE- Sale price
75% Off
Altura Children's Sprint Short Sleeve Jersey Pink - For ages 5-6- Sale price
72% Off
Altura Women's Peloton Team Short Sleeve Jersey Short Sleeve Cycling Jerseys- Sale price
70% Off
Altura Children's Team Short Sleeve Jersey Pink - 10- Sale price
69% Off
Altura Kids Sprint Jersey Yellow- Sale price
68% Off

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