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One of the best known brands specifically designed for cyclists and used by many in competition, Assos clothing is widely used in professional cycling. Many of the model names refer to terms used in in the pro tours races. Assos is a premium brand, marketed around textile technology to improve performance. As such, discounts and sales for are quite selective and you'll need to be pretty quick to get the best deals. There are currently a few select discounts on 2011 Assos clothes as the new 2012 garments appear on the shelves.

There are 62 discounted clothes here from Assos with an average reduction of 33% and the largest saving is £120.0 for the Women's iJ.pompaDour_s7 Windproof Jacket available from Wiggle. The largest percentage discounts are around the 50% mark for example including the iJ.tiBuruJacket_evo7 Black 3XL available from Wiggle. You'll find a range from the Assos NS.neopro_evo7 Jersey at £40.50 saving around £50, all the way up to the RS.Sturmprinz Evo Jacket at £320.00, saving about £50.

The number of discounts for the different categories of Assos clothing is as follows:
Base Layers: 16, Gilets: 16, Gloves: 16, Jackets: 16, Jerseys: 16, Shorts: 16, Tights: 16, Windproofs: 16,

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We've highlighted some popular purchases and the current discounts below:

Assos Jackets

Assos Jackets Show all discounts (19)

Prices for Assos Jackets range from around £105 for something like the Assos sJ.blitzFeder Shell Jacket to around £390 for garments like the Assos fuguJack Jacket at the top end of the range.

We've found discounts on 19 garments, with an average 35% saving. The largest reduction is £120.00 for the Assos Women's iJ.pompaDour_s7 Windproof Jacket from Wiggle

The saving of around £120.00 is available at more than one retailer. and the top percentage discount is 50% for the Assos iJ.tiBuruJacket_evo7 Black 3XL at Wiggle.

Incorporated into Assos jackets are some of the exclusively developed fabrics that have been developed in the textile laboratory, in particular the benefits of their AEPD (Ergonomic) may well be apparent. Great attention has been paid to making the fit of all the Assos clothing cycling specific, so that freedom of movement does not compromise aerodynamic performance.

Cheapest Assos Jackets discounts - (19 total)

Assos iJ.tiBuruJacket_evo7 Black 3XL - Sale price
50% Off
Assos mille Long Sleeve Jacket evo7 - Sale price
50% Off
Assos iJ.tiBuruJacket_evo7 2017 - Sale price
45% Off
Assos iJ.shaqUno Jacket SS16 - Sale price
43% Off
Assos mille Long Sleeve Jacket evo7 AW16 - Sale price
42% Off

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Assos Jerseys

Assos Jerseys Show all discounts (21)

Prices for Assos Jerseys Sales Discounts are in the approximate range £80 - 220; so at the budget level you can find something like the Assos Superlight Sleeveless Jersey and towards the top of the range you can buy the Assos Ladies jS.laalaLai Jersey Shell.

There are discounts available for 21 Assos Jerseys, with the largest reduction being 45% off the Assos SS.rallytrekkingJersey_evo7 Lady SS17. This is available from Chain Reaction Cycles at a price of £134.75, saving £110.25. and the top percentage discount is 55% for the Assos NS.neopro_evo7 Jersey at Chain Reaction Cycles.

You only have to wear an Assos short or long sleeved jersey to understand the attention that has been given to making this crucial garment to a standard that will enhance any competitive cycling effort. There is a combination of materials all designed individually to suit specific areas of your upper body, such as reflecting the sun on the back of your jersey, or protecting you from wind on the front.

Best Assos Jerseys discounts - (21 total)

Assos BMC Team Short Sleeve Jersey - Sale price
40% Off
Assos iJ.intermediate S7 Windproof L-S Jersey SS16 - Sale price
30% Off
Assos NS.neopro_evo7 Jersey - Sale price
55% Off
Assos SS Fortoni Jersey SS18 - Sale price
15% Off
Assos SS.CampionissimoJersey - Sale price
30% Off

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Assos Tights

Assos Tights Show all discounts (6)

The range of prices for Assos Tights Sales Discounts is from around £100 to £410. So for instance you can buy the Assos H RX LL Unpadded Waist Tights at the budget level, while products like the Assos LL.fugu S5 FI Mille Bib Tight feature at the top.

There are 6 Assos Tights currently available at discount prices, with the top saving giving 35% off the Assos LL.pompaDour_s5 Lady Tights AW16 at Chain Reaction Cycles reducing the price by £80.00. and the top percentage discount is also for this model at Chain Reaction Cycles.

In terms of ensuring optimum performance, Assos tights have benefitted from a huge amount of development work, purely because the saddle contact point can potentially cause so many problems. As a result there is a specifically designed insert to follow the body in motion and to remove friction as much as possible. In addition a specially shaped panel at the front reduces bunching when you are in a tucked position. Even the bib braces receive special attention in the form of breathable mesh insert to stop slippage and increase comfort on your back.

Best Assos Tights discounts - (6 total)

Assos LL.pompaDour_s5 Lady Tights AW16- Sale price
35% Off
Assos LL.pompaDour_s5 Lady Tights AW16- Sale price
35% Off
Assos hL.607 Lady S5 FI Lady Tight SS16- Sale price
30% Off
Assos hL.607 Lady S5 FI Lady Tight SS16- Sale price
30% Off
Assos hL.607 Lady S5 FI Lady Tight SS16- Sale price
30% Off

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